Ride of A Life Time

I came across this amazing challenge whilst researching for my “Charity Corner” on Abbey 104.  Rachel.

SOMERSET farmer Nick Bragg, has set himself the pedal busting challenge of cycling 3,000 miles across Canada in 30 days to raise awareness and funds for the welfare charity, the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I).
The challenge starts in Montreal in June 2019 and will see Nick and his trusty bicycle travel 3,000 miles across six states, through the mountainous terrain of the Rockies and finish by the iconic stone sculpture, Inukshuk, on the Vancouver water front.
Nick and his wife Claire own and run Frogmary Green Farm in South Petherton and have been supporting R.A.B.I for many years, while Nick’s self-appointed Trio of Triathlons last year raised over £1,600 for the charity.
Nick said: “After the enjoyment and self-satisfaction of completing the Trio of Triathlons, I realised my body, at 50 plus, was still fit enough to be challenged. So, on the dark evenings of November, I slowly came up with this challenge. What’s not to like about Canada? English speaking, beautiful farming countryside to cycle through and generally flat apart from the Rocky Mountains, “You never can tell what’s around the corner”, so to raise money for a farming charity that supports others less fortunate than myself gives me great pleasure R.A.B.I has been supporting farming people in financial need for 158 years with over £2 million in grants paid to 1,260 individuals and families in financial hardship in 2017 alone.
Nick will keep his followers informed of his progress with a training blog and through information on Frogmary Green Farm’s social media channels, TwitterFacebook. For more information on Nick’s Cycling Challenge and to donate, visit https://uk.virgin- moneygiving.com



Rachel’s Charity Corner on Abbey 104

The monthly Charity Corner that I broadcast on the first Sunday of each month is going well, recordings of which can be heard by going to “Rachel’s Charity Corner” on the Hidden Needs Trust website.

The show establishes what local charities are around, what they do, who benefits and in what way. I talk to the charity organisers and charity beneficiaries, and see what additional help the charity needs in order to continue and grow.

Another main aim of the show is to get charities linking up and supporting one another…and as you hear when you listen to my latest recording, this is already happening!

If you wish to be on the show, do get in touch…all my details are on the Hidden Needs Trust website!

Enjoy listening, help where and when you can with charities you are interested in, and spare 5 minutes to read the information below about the amazing work SHARES does who were my last featured charity on July 1st.

Huge Thank You!




HNT – Charity of the Year!

Hidden Needs Trust has reached the final three of Sainsburys Local Charity of the Year nominations – Sherborne

This a great opportunity for HNT to give SEN children and their families greater support – support they need and deserve.

But in order to do this HNT needs YOUR support by going to (click on link) Sainsbury Local Charity of the Year and allocating your vote,  to Hidden Needs Trust.

Or you can vote via tokens available in the Sherborne store.

Voting opens 11th June until 24th June 2018.

Please help HNT is move forward to give move support to children with Special Educational Needs and their families.



Rachel’s Charity Corner on Abbey 104

I’ve been out and about visiting two local charities and finding out first-hand how their hard work benefits others in the community. If you missed the programmes you can hear them by clicking on the “Listen Again” links below
May 3rd: Rachel’s with Paul Peters from the Geranium Trust near Yeovil “Listen Again”
June 3rd: Rachel’s with Julie Plumley of Future Roots Care Farm near Sherborne.  “Listen Again”

My next “Charity Corner will be on July 1st – Listen live at midday on Abbey 104
If you would like your charity promoted, do get in touch by going to www.hiddenneedstrust.org where you can find all my contact details. Tell me who you are, what your charity or good cause is all about, and what you are up to over the next few weeks. We’ll be pleased to give you a mention…and maybe come and have a chat about being the featured charity on a future programme?

HNT on Abbey 104

Exciting news of a new venture launching this month; I have teamed up with Terry Bennett from Abbey-104. We are starting a NEW radio programme called “Rachel’s Charity Corner”. This will feature one charity on the first Sunday of each month…the aim being to promote the many small charities and good causes in Dorset and Somerset.
I will be out and about finding out what these local charities and good causes are up to, visiting a few key people and trying to find out first-hand how their hard work benefits others in the community. We will have interviews with organisers and participants, and I will be producing a monthly round up of the charity events that are happening in our area over the coming weeks.
If you would like your charity promoted, do get in touch by going to www.hiddenneedstrust.org where you can find all my contact details. Tell me who you are, what your charity or good cause is all about, and what you are up to over the next few weeks. We’ll be pleased to give you a mention…and maybe come and have a chat about being the featured charity on a future programme?

April 2018 News

Well, this month has been incredibly busy for HNT. Firstly, a huge thank you again to Chapter House Books, Sherborne for holding an Easter Raffle. Over £120 was made…and there are plans afoot to do more fundraising for HNT with their help during the summer.
Acreman St Antiques, Sherborne held their April Auction and were kind enough to have a Charity Slot, auctioning off 5 items with all monies going to HNT. Over £160 was collected plus people attending the event were more than interested in what I do and why. Good connections were made and I look forwards to seeing many of these again at the next auction which is on May 19th. More information about this will be on the website under MAY EVENTS soon.
I am also meeting with Gill and Norman who run the antiques centre next week in view of HNT having a slot within their regular monthly auctions. So, watch the events diary and if you have any goods that you can donate for HNT to auction then please get in touch!
At the Acreman Antiques House and Auctions of course the amazing Flame Lily Tearooms is also open…Dale ensures all dietary needs are addressed, and includes in her wonderful home cooked lunches and teas a variety of gluten and dairy-free options.
Her daughter makes the most amazing cakes for all occasions to suit all budgets, so do go and chat to Dale if wanting anything from a funny birthday cake to a wedding masterpiece!

Yeovil college media students have now finished the HNT video which can be seen on the HNT website homepage. HUGE thank you to them and also to HNT poet Larry Lagrue and Terry Bennett from Abbey-104 who both made the video “come to life”.
This month and throughout May, the students are helping me record The Adventures of Y [tales about my little autistic daughter] into Talking Book form. This will initially go onto the website for those that prefer to listen rather than read, and then once the book is eventually published I will ensure a Talking Book format is also available…this would mean that anyone [particularly children] who have difficulties with reading, SEN etc can access the stories too. Who knows…maybe a children’s series could be made too for TV!
I am also back in Yeovil College working with 4 IT students who are revamping my leaflet and giving me some much needed marketing tools! Thanks to all of them and their wonderful tutors who are always there giving advice. The new leaflets should be out by the middle of May and will have details of the main 2018 PHYSICAL HNT CHALLENGE which is happening on June 16th at Sherborne Summer Festival.

Looking ahead, an exciting new venture linking HNT – Abbey 104 and local charities together is at final planning stage!  More on this soon………..

Off now to the gym training for the “Epic Run 2018″….


March Round Up

What a busy month this has been!

AT LAST, the HNT 2018 VIDEO, 2018 INTERVIEW with Terry Bennett from Abbey 104 FM,  and the amazing HNT POEM by poet, Larry Lagrue can be published LIVE!

Do see the HNT website home page to view all.

The Yeovil College media students have worked hard to get the filming all finished before the deadline, despite the hiccups and setbacks due to the two bouts of snow which meant college closure and meetings cancelled!

Larry Lagrue, has just published his first poetry book available online from Amazon   The Friday poems are full of fun and yet can also cause a lump in the throat…and more can be read each week on his website….W is for Duck

I am so grateful to him as he has spent hours writing and perfecting the HNT poem which is all about life as a child with SEN, the struggles that parents and carers face, and what HNT is trying to do to help.
The FULL poem, which Larry himself reads, can be seen on the HNT Website

Terry Bennett and I have now done 2 or 3 interviews, including my being on his famous “Folk Tales” which goes out live every Sunday morning at 11am on Abbey 104

This month I was again in the studio…this time not talking about HNT and what it does, but talking about my experiences as an SEN mother. MANY people regard me as HNT but do not know that I too have a little girl with significant learning disabilities. I often talk about my four boys, all of whom are high achievers and progress through their lives with ease. For legal reasons I cannot talk about “Y”, although her vision of the world can be seen in the chapters from “The Adventures of Y”. The stories will eventually go into a book…so watch this space!

The 2018 HNT VIDEO  has also gone LIVE. This gives a brief reminder of what has been going on so far, why, who will benefit from any fund raising, and how you can help…as well as snippets from the Interview and the Poem.

AND….lastly…my Just Giving Page  is now LIVE…and the exciting news is that I am not the only one completing a marathon this year. As I race Ebony Court [Parathlete] on June 16th in my sports wheelchair at the Sherborne Summer Festival , sons William [aged 14] and George [aged 18] will be pounding the lanes around SHERBORNE, and Peter [aged 11] will be cycling!

The boys have all set up their own Just Giving Pages …so PLEASE support them as they do me!

Huge thanks Rachel