Not Good News

Not good news this week…saw the orthopaedic consultant after X-rays and MRI on hips and knees.

My knees…both very arthritic! Having had 3 knee operations in my very early 20s, including one complete menisectomy…they are not in such a good way! Not due to my running but maybe due to early years as a long jumper, general wear and tear, and then the operations. It also seems that my anterior cruciate on my right knee is not exactly healthy either…no wonder I wobble around when training! spfitsherborne take note…no wonder I am so inflexible too!!!

And, INCREDIBLY, I have bilateral hip dysplasia…never picked up as a youngster! Very shallow hip sockets…and again, seems to explain the hip discomfort that I have been getting as I have got older! A congenital condition…so somewhere there is a family history!

Both body parts are not going to be operated on as any form of interference could make the conditions worse…what a BORE! Just DAILY anti-inflammatory tablets from now until eternity, exercise that does not cause increased pain…and management!

However, I feel blessed really. If the hip dysplasia had been picked up early, I would never have been able to train hard, long jump to international schools level by the age of 16, and then run multi marathons for HNT, raising several thousands of pounds for special educational needs children. I would have been always worried of causing more damage and so never gained the strength that I now have in my legs. The strength itself has prevented more pain and other issues.  Likewise, if the issues had not been diagnosed now, I could possibly be running for several more years and then had major problems in later life.

BUT…the consultant has given me the ok to run this year…

65 miles in 12 hours…running into the Sherborne Summer Festival on June 17th at 3PM!

I have to change the run route so that less is completed over the craggy coast path…the less twisting I do to the knees the better! BUT…I can do it!

Watch for the tweets and details as they gradually go up on the website for more details!

It will be my last long run…so PLEASE make this a good one for me; join in the last few yards of the run into the event, help me fundraise…and arrange to do an HNT fundraise yourself.

In 2018…LOTS of fundraising ideas are in my head….maybe a trek or something else physical that puts less pressure on my knees and hips…BUT I am definitely NOT going to resort to lying in a bath of beans JUST yet!

Thank you so much,

Rachel Goodfellow

A Carers View

So, you think you know what’s it’s like to be a carer! Well first up, no two carers roles are alike and the public perception of those carers is one of young school children and pensioners, I for one am one of the silent minority IE: Male and middle aged, I came into the caring role some years ago, after my wife’s medical condition deteriorated. Her needs are complex and changeable and as a result my duties frequently change. Due to her pain level’s it is impossible to leave my wife for more than a few hours and respite care is not practical as we cannot guarantee when we would need the help. Male carers of a certain age have a large amount of guilt for various reasons including in my case the fact that I feel I should be providing for my family, that is of course impossible for many carers. This guilt may be in part due to many people although polite look down on men in the caring role who don’t “Work” so I have spent a great deal of time trying to find an outlet for my need to provide and vent my frustration. To that end I have embraced woodworking and I have been fortunate in receiving support from the Leonardo Trust right here in Dorset to which a carer can apply once a year for help towards a hobby or outlet which is unrelated to their caring role. Don’t misunderstand me it has taken 3yrs to obtain a basic woodworking kit but I seem to have developed a basic skill which I hope in due course will allow to me provide a income for my family.

Mark @dorsetdialect – HNT supporter


World Book Day 2017

Who did my special needs daughter go to school dressed as on World Book Day?              Non other than Y from the “The Adventures of Y”.