Scholarships, Essays and Interviews

A busy 2 weeks ahead with son George…who is writing final essays for his Sutton Trust Scholarship! He is hoping to study Engineering and Architecture at MIT…but also has interviews for Georgia Tech and Stamford! He sits his FINAL exams on November 3rd…so HNT will take a back seat for the next 12 days so that I can plough through his essays prior to submission, test and retest him in his subjects, and generally be the best support any mum would want to be!

BUT…Oct 20th means full on again for HNT…

Finalising the Adventures of Y, as seen at Hidden Needs Trust ready for publication.

Starting the 2nd HNT video in conjunction with Yeovil College media students

Speaking to more families of SEN children, schools and businesses…policies and procedures MUST change for the children with special educational needs!!

Preparing for the Glastonbury Carnival where HNT will be collecting in November…watch the website for details!

Meeting with Somerset Community Foundation to discuss match funding for monies raised this financial year.

Applying for MAJOR funding for HNT from resources as the Lottery, Heart’s Make Some Noise and more.

Planning with the rest of the Sherborne Summer Festival Team… yes, watch out for the 16th June 2018 when this amazing festival will happen!

AND of course picking up the gruelling training with Simon Partridge from spfit for the 2018 physical challenge for HNT which will take place IN the 2018 Sherborne Summer Festival on 16th June!

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY…but for now…back to Sutton Trust Essays!!

Ohh…and The apprentice is back on…guess who had an interview for this back at the start of the year…ME!!!!! Sadly, did not get to the last few that now grace your screens BUT I got an interview! How cool is that!!!

So…until Oct 20th….start thinking on how you can help me with HNT and raise funds!!