Rachel’s Charity Corner on Abbey 104

The monthly Charity Corner that I broadcast on the first Sunday of each month is going well, recordings of which can be heard by going to “Rachel’s Charity Corner” on the Hidden Needs Trust website.

The show establishes what local charities are around, what they do, who benefits and in what way. I talk to the charity organisers and charity beneficiaries, and see what additional help the charity needs in order to continue and grow.

Another main aim of the show is to get charities linking up and supporting one another…and as you hear when you listen to my latest recording, this is already happening!

If you wish to be on the show, do get in touch…all my details are on the Hidden Needs Trust website!

Enjoy listening, help where and when you can with charities you are interested in, and spare 5 minutes to read the information below about the amazing work SHARES does who were my last featured charity on July 1st.

Huge Thank You!