Eric’s 50km Run in the Netherlands

November Update on Eric Jager’s “Run Van Winschoten”: Eric donated a brilliant £481 to HNT as well as another brilliant  donation to the Ruach Foundation in Nicaragua which he and wife Rosaleen support.  Amazing work Eric. Thank you so much.  Guess what? Eric aims to go one better next year…Look out for news on this next summer.

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Eric presenting cheque to Rachel

Sherborne based Fund Raiser and HNT supporter Eric Jager returned to his home town in the Netherlands on Sept 14th to take part in the 50km “Run van Winschoten”. “Stats”

Below is his brief report but, do see his full story and photos “Here”

Please do help Eric support his excellent cause by going to “Global Giving” and Donating.


Dear everybody,
Attached is a ‘picturesque’ brief report of my 50 km in the Run van Winschoten, officially my 3rd run in support of the Ruach Foundation in Nicaragua. My wife Rosaleen and I have been supporting this community home for intellectually disabled adults ever since its start at the end of 2015.
It was a great event and for me personally extra special as I ran in my town of birth cheered on by many relatives from 3 generations who were standing in front of my former parental home. It was a long slog, I was the oldest person running the 50 km, and I finished in 4 hours and 47 minutes.
To reassure you(!) the attached story of the day in English has many pictures and very short texts.

Eric's Run 1

Eric's Run 3