HNT – Charity of the Year!

Hidden Needs Trust has reached the final three of Sainsburys Local Charity of the Year nominations – Sherborne

This a great opportunity for HNT to give SEN children and their families greater support – support they need and deserve.

But in order to do this HNT needs YOUR support by going to (click on link) Sainsbury Local Charity of the Year and allocating your vote,  to Hidden Needs Trust.

Or you can vote via tokens available in the Sherborne store.

Voting opens 11th June until 24th June 2018.

Please help HNT is move forward to give move support to children with Special Educational Needs and their families.



Rachel’s Charity Corner on Abbey 104

I’ve been out and about visiting two local charities and finding out first-hand how their hard work benefits others in the community. If you missed the programmes you can hear them by clicking on the “Listen Again” links below
May 3rd: Rachel’s with Paul Peters from the Geranium Trust near Yeovil “Listen Again”
June 3rd: Rachel’s with Julie Plumley of Future Roots Care Farm near Sherborne.  “Listen Again”

My next “Charity Corner will be on July 1st – Listen live at midday on Abbey 104
If you would like your charity promoted, do get in touch by going to where you can find all my contact details. Tell me who you are, what your charity or good cause is all about, and what you are up to over the next few weeks. We’ll be pleased to give you a mention…and maybe come and have a chat about being the featured charity on a future programme?