February 2018 Update

Well…so much has been happening since Christmas it has been difficult to find time to write the blog!

Firstly, thank you everyone who has been fund raising for me! Every little helps and already the amount in the HNT account is much larger than I had expected at this stage of the year!

Who would have thought that an HNT Valentine’s bottle of Fizz [kindly donated by the HNT sponsors Porter Dodson, + Langham Winery] would have made £179 in a raffle! Amazing…and huge thanks to all who brought tickets last weekend at the BN event in Bournemouth!

Secondly…the 2018 HNT video is well underway! The Yeovil College media students have worked so hard. They have had a tough job as the video itself has meant not only filming at the college but also out and in numerous locations and involving other professionals.

They were also brave enough to come under my wing for a year’s work experience…and have somehow been able to put up with my need for perfection!!! They are ending the placement by doing a charity HNT fund raise themselves…each being given a £10 note with a task of making it grow as much as possible by the beginning of June! Already they are being competitive, getting friends on board and both wanting to win the prize for the greatest fund raiser!

The video has meant working in partnership with an amazing poet…W is for Duck. The poem that he has written for the project is hard hitting but is absolutely gets the message across. Larry has done the voice over and recites his poem on the video…please listen once the poem goes live at the end of March.

Thirdly…I have linked up with Ebony Court, a disabled Racing Wheelchair athlete. She went to the Yeovil Opportunity Group when young and it was their care and support to both her and her family that started her on the athletics path she is now following.

SO…on June 16th at the Sherborne Summer Festival, she and I are going to have a Sports Wheelchair RACE! A really tough challenge as I don’t know how to even get into my chair as yet, let alone race in it…and of course the race is not over merely 100m but over a WHOLE MARATHON! We will both need all the support we can get, so come along to the festival and cheer us on! MORE DETAILS will added to the Epic Run page as plans are finalised.

The HNT racing wheelchair has been purchased and is now here…but I need a sponsor for the chair. If you see the Sponsor HNT page you will see how to do this and what sponsorship could mean for you!

So…onwards and upwards…training with a difference starts on Monday under the strict eye of Simon Partridge [SPFit Sherborne]…and with the help and advice from Ebony Court!