March Round Up

What a busy month this has been!

AT LAST, the HNT 2018 VIDEO, 2018 INTERVIEW with Terry Bennett from Abbey 104 FM,  and the amazing HNT POEM by poet, Larry Lagrue can be published LIVE!

Do see the HNT website home page to view all.

The Yeovil College media students have worked hard to get the filming all finished before the deadline, despite the hiccups and setbacks due to the two bouts of snow which meant college closure and meetings cancelled!

Larry Lagrue, has just published his first poetry book available online from Amazon   The Friday poems are full of fun and yet can also cause a lump in the throat…and more can be read each week on his website….W is for Duck

I am so grateful to him as he has spent hours writing and perfecting the HNT poem which is all about life as a child with SEN, the struggles that parents and carers face, and what HNT is trying to do to help.
The FULL poem, which Larry himself reads, can be seen on the HNT Website

Terry Bennett and I have now done 2 or 3 interviews, including my being on his famous “Folk Tales” which goes out live every Sunday morning at 11am on Abbey 104

This month I was again in the studio…this time not talking about HNT and what it does, but talking about my experiences as an SEN mother. MANY people regard me as HNT but do not know that I too have a little girl with significant learning disabilities. I often talk about my four boys, all of whom are high achievers and progress through their lives with ease. For legal reasons I cannot talk about “Y”, although her vision of the world can be seen in the chapters from “The Adventures of Y”. The stories will eventually go into a book…so watch this space!

The 2018 HNT VIDEO  has also gone LIVE. This gives a brief reminder of what has been going on so far, why, who will benefit from any fund raising, and how you can help…as well as snippets from the Interview and the Poem.

AND….lastly…my Just Giving Page  is now LIVE…and the exciting news is that I am not the only one completing a marathon this year. As I race Ebony Court [Parathlete] on June 16th in my sports wheelchair at the Sherborne Summer Festival , sons William [aged 14] and George [aged 18] will be pounding the lanes around SHERBORNE, and Peter [aged 11] will be cycling!

The boys have all set up their own Just Giving Pages …so PLEASE support them as they do me!

Huge thanks Rachel

Birthday Surprise

What a wonderful surprise to have received this on my birthday from
HNT’s poet Larry Lagrue!

Happy Birthday Rachel

“But Mummy! You’ll have
Even more wrinkles than
You have now!”, came the
Response from your darling “Y”
Not said with any malicious intent,
Just the perspective from her wonderful eyes.

Her response came after the announcement
That youR Birthday is today.
And though it may have almost
Brought you to tears,
Today tears must stay away.

For today is a celebration
Of you, and all that you are;
Not only a mother, and a fundraiser
But all the other things that you also do –
You really are a superstar.

The work that you do is awesome;
I don’t honestly know how you find the time
To do all the things that you do
And then still raise your kids –
But take a look; your kids are just fine.

They rightly do you credit,
And make you so proud, this is true.
But here’s something you might not
Have considered before:
That your kids are
Proud of you too.

So tell Yara that your wrinkles
Are laughter lines,
From good times you’ve had before.
And Each one is a fabulous memory,
And when you laugh,
You are making one more.

So I hope that a few more are created
As you laugh loud and long all today.
And I do hope that you
Truly enjoy yourself,
Have a very, very
Happy BirthdayPoet Larry Book reduced