Holnest Country Fayre

What a wonderful start to this next year’s drive for HNT!

A whole weekend at Holnest Country Fayre with the HNT stand, drumming up support for Special Educational Needs Children and their families in Dorset and Somerset.

The whole weekend was raising £ for Future Roots I am a huge supporter of this amazing project from a professional point of view [having been a tutor, therapist and having worked for Children’s Social Care], from  Rotarian’s point of view [Sherborne Castles Rotary Club have supported Julie and James over the last year or more], and from my HNT/charity point of view…linking in with another organisation which is determined to make a difference to children and young people in the local area; and sometimes this can be really tough going when funding and other red tape gets in the way!!!

The weekend meant networking with a HUGE array of stall holders, exhibitors, local producers and chefs…all of whom had come with the intention of supporting Future Roots. The friendliness of this end of season country fayre could be felt throughout the weekend and this must have been transferred onto the students who use this amazing facility.

My 10 year old son, Peter, however, had to be the real star of HNT. Not only did he help me on both days but he also became “sous chef” to Martin Baker, Head Chef at the prestigious Stanbrook Abbey Hotel, near Worcester, when the cookery demonstrations and competitions began. Peter, complete with apron and microphone, not only prepared vegetables but also entertained the audience from the stage, telling them all about HNT and what his “mad mum” was doing for Special Educational Needs Children and their families. WELL DONE Peter!

After all this hard work of course, Peter became 10 again…scaling the cadet wall to the top on numerous occasions and loving the Dog and Duck display, the birds of prey demonstrations and eating ice cream from Ecco-Galato (Sherborne)

AND watch this space for the HNT 2018 physical challenge in the Sherborne  Summer Festival [date TBA but it is looking like June 16th!]…as connections at the Holnest Fayre have now been made and plans started! The clue is it is likely to involve something to do with the Army Cadet Force or Marines!!!

ANY stall holders who are interested in having a stand at the Summer Festival…please get in touch!!

So…massive thanks to all at Holnest Fayre…and a really special WELL DONE to Dave from DiaMonD Images who was the driving force behind the scenes in organising the event and promoting this valuable resource!