Post Run Blog

June 17th…my HNT run of 65 miles completed in 12 hours on what was the hottest day this year it seemed.

BUT, accompanied by son George for nearly 50 of the miles, it was great fun! No issues with my neck, hips or knees which was a blessing…and not an ache afterwards remarkably! The only problems was that I had eaten something the evening before that certainly did not agree with me and so frequent stops in villages with pubs and toilets was a must!!

Everyone we met on the run was so kind…donations received and leaflets taken. At 3.15 I ran into the Sherborne Summer Festival DSCF2529to a huge welcome from everyone there. Photographs will be posted later in the week,  but THANK YOU to the Festival Team who really have been wonderful  at promoting HNT.

As I have always said, the runs during the last 3 years since I founded HNT have merely been a way to get the HNT logo seen all over the county and beyond. This in turn has meant that people from all walks of life have engaged with HNT and what it is all about….SUPPORTING SEN children and their families!

During the festival I met MANY individuals, organisations and school children all of whom were wanting to support HNT in the future…just amazing! The diary is now getting full with appointments for meetings and for me to do talks…do get in touch if you are interested.

Until September 30th I will not know how much HNT has raised as Somerset Community Foundation handle all the finances and also get some of the money match funded! In the meantime, the aim is to link up with schools, families and other organistions so that we can work together to improve things for SEN children.

Networking is key to ensuring SEN children get what they need…so please help me by supporting HNT. Why not do some fundraising yourselves, help me at events or donate. Raffle prizes are always wanted and of course you can still sponsor this years run.

The diary on the website will fill up quickly again as events are finalised so do keep a look out and join in the fun!

The Tales of Y are nearly complete…anyone know a good publisher?? PLEASE tell them about me and let us get this book rolling…into schools with £ going to HNT and also to the Arts Dept of Preston School where 2 lovely girls are doing the illustrations.

Training resumes in 2 days with an assessment by Simon Partridge my PT at SPFit- Sherborne tomorrow.

BUT…very excitingly…I am about to meet a lady who set up an Opportunity Group in an adjacent county! This is networking at its best…bumping into incredible people who will help me drive HNT forwards!

So…I must fly! Pete is going to be busy doing all the IT for HNT in the next week or so, and people must NOT forget that he is the hard worker behind the scenes…the running and organising of events is the easy bit!