Run Day Tomorrow!

Well…this is IT! The night before my 65 mile run for HNT! Mixture of nerves and excitement, adrenalin rush and tiredness!

Looking back I don’t think that I could have trained any harder. MUCH thanks must go to my superb Personal Trainer Simon Partridge of spfit Sherborne who has been able to motivate me to keep up the pace even through the darkest moments when injury and illness have interceded.

So, tomorrow I don the HNT T-shirt and start my challenge at 2.15AM! The warm up will have to be on my beast of a bike at home followed by lots of stretching, waiting for the light to be safe enough to hit the road. The run route is set, tracker checked, and blister plasters at the ready.

But actually, the run is NOT about me and how far I can run this time! It is merely a way of getting the HNT LOGO out there for a third year and to get people interested in what it is all about!

The most important aspect…flagging up the needs of the SEN children and their families, finding ways to support these needs, asking local councillors and politicians questions about educational policies and procedures, and working out ways to ensure less effective educational plans are tweaked so that EVERY SEN child can reach their full potential.

My neck [which was fractured in 2015] and my sudden diagnosis of bilateral hip dysplasia [undiagnosed at childhood!] means I cannot do another run next year…BUT there is a further physical challenge in place already so watch the website! And of course I will continue to fundraise for at least another year…with YOUR help!

The final 2 chapters of The Tales of Y will be published in the next 2 weeks, and then I am looking for a publisher once Preston School Art Department have completed the illustrations…so anyone out there?

So, until tomorrow when I hope to see many of you at The Sherborne Summer Festival! Come and cheer me in, come and chat to me at The HNT Stand, have a go on the HNT Tombola, and put your name down to get more involved in the following year! The more people I can get on board supporting, the more funds go DIRECTLY to the children that desperately need the help and the groups that support them.

I am now off to eat and sleep…and if you are reading this, think about donating through the Just Giving Page or sponsoring the run…there is still time!                               Go to Hidden Needs Trust for donation, sponsor details and about what HNT is about.

Many thanks,sen friendth1RNU1A27