Royal Invitation

What an amazing 3 days Pete and I have had in London this week!

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend The Queens Garden Party as Founder of HNT…what an honour to represent HNT and the Special Needs Children that HNT supports. So, last Monday Pete and I got on the train up to London for a wonderful 3 days!

Staying very close to Horse Guards Parade meant that we could spend many hours wondering through the beautiful St James Park. Needless to say we have returned with albums-worth of photographs, particularly of the birds which were proudly showing off their young!

We watched the pomp and ceremony that goes with Changing of The Guards and other Guard-related duties, explored Fortnum and Masons when the weather was a little less kind [we decided against the small box of chocolates that cost £165!] , and went house hunting! MMMM…£25,000 PER WEEK to rent a flat in Chelsea and that was before paying an extra amount per person living there, the tenancy agreement, and before even thinking about general living costs! Needless to say we decided against that too!!

On the whole the weather was lovely…and we were incredibly lucky on the day of the Garden Party. The sun shone, the breeze was warm, and everyone was smiling. The Police and Guards were friendly and making jokes so that everyone felt relaxed and at ease, the Diplomats from around the world were in their countries state dress, the staff at the Palace were so lovely chatting away to us and obviously enjoying the day, and the grounds were stunning…a real mix of formal and more wild beds, trees, the lake and more. Almost an extension of St James Park…and yet different. And of course being able to be inside the palace was a real treat.

The Royal Family looked as if they too were really enjoying the afternoon…Prince Philip making jokes about his retirement and absolutely not looking his 96 years! It really was such an honour to be there amongst people who have made a huge positive impact on others. As well as Diplomats there were many from the Services and members from the Police Force who had all gone over and beyond their normal call of duty.

A huge thank you to whoever nominated me to go….it is wonderful to think that they feel HNT is a worthwhile charity to follow, and that more has to be done to understand the needs of the SEN children, their families and the schools they attend.

And of course an even bigger thank you to Pete who does hours of work behind the scenes working on the computer and has been such an amazing support to me for the last 2 years!

A letter of thanks is on its way to Her Majesty too!


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