Education for SEN Children

Well, after a few years of battle in terms of getting through to the education system what my little SEN daughter needs, and then taking actions into my own hands, she is now still in mainstream school but is also doing a few hours twice weekly in a special school.

This means she is coping with academic subjects but to her optimum limits…and not struggling to understand “stuff” that she may be able to “parrot learn” but never apply.

She is filling the other hours with children with SEN; having fun, leaning in an environment that promotes her wellbeing whilst at the same time ensures she expandssen-image on skills that she will use in later life. She is also going to be able to grow in terms of her strengths…music, wildlife interests, cooking, swimming, art, dancing and more.

In a week my little girl is smiling again…she gets up in the mornings not in tears but raring to go. She comes out of school not having meltdowns and then falling asleep in the sitting room, but excited and babbling away about what she has done/made etc at the special school.

She laughs and is enthusiastic about life, AND she is able to show her peers in mainstream school how she has progressed in areas that they have had not had the chance to expand in.

My little girl who was depressed and sad is blooming…in a week! her self-esteem is going to rise…and she has even learned the art of telling jokes!

WHY has it taken me this long to get through to the education system that total inclusion for her just would not work…a mix of schools is going to ensure she reaches her optimum potential.

AND, huge thanks to Holly who is attending the SEN sessions with Y…Holly has welcomed input from me, and has already been thinking on my wavelengths and will try to get other children at Y’s school to also split their education between mainstream and SEN schools.

HNT is about raising awareness of SEN children’s needs…as well as raising funds. I cannot wait to chat more to local politicians about educational issues as I am sure MANY children would benefit from this “dual tracking-type” system.