HNT at Dorset Knob Festival

Well…Dorset Knob Festival in the RAIN on Sunday (30th April)…but what a fantastic time we had! I have never been to such a fun-filled festival where “FUN” was literally the order of the day as people used a variety of techniques to throw, splat, putt, eat and pin on the Cerne Giant the famous Dorset KNOB!

HNT had a stand and we were incredibly busy answering questions about the Trust, talking to parents, teachers, and children about what SEN children and their families face daily, and what changes really need to happen in terms of education for SEN children and the funding that they receive.

The tombola proved a huge hit and nearly £350 was made despite the pouring rain and windy weather.

My 10 year old and his best friend were stars…engaging with the visitors, getting stall holders to donate into the HNT buckets, and generally spreading the word to all! They even had the rugby players engaged, and joined in the infamous “slide” at the end of the day much to the amusement of all. Well done boys…proud of you both!

The food stands were amazing…what had Dorset NOT got to offer? And of course the music played continuously so there was much foot tapping and jigging throughout the day!

Thank you all who were so engaging with HNT and to Wessex FM AGAIN who have supported for the last 2 years! I am hopi9ng to do some more radio interviews soon to drum up vital funds for the SEN kids this year!

SO…only 6 weeks until my run; the training now gains pace and that means even MORE dedication and hard work! BUT…the SEN children can face this type of challenge on a daily basis and my run is merely a way to get people to look at what these challenges are and to help.

I now need SPONSORS…hoping to raise £10,000 prior to my run so any businesses PLEASE come on board! £100 per mile minimum but you can sponsor as many miles of my 65 as you would like. A MAJOR sponsor donating the full £10,000 would be amazing…I can only BUT ask!

Huge thanks and PLEASE pass this on to everyone!

Rachel Goodfellow