HNT – Yeovil College

Today was fantastic as I met up with 2 students from Yeovil College who are in their second year of studying Media, and their tutor James. They are going to do a film with me showing the fantastic work that the Yeovil Opportunity Group are doing with Special Needs Children and their families, and why it is SO important that my fundraising through HNT continues.

Next Wednesday, Callum and Olivia are visiting the Opportunity Group for the first time and planning how the video will work. The following Wednesday, 25th Jan, filming will be done ready for my voice over on February 1st. With any luck the completed “production” will be available to see by the end of February.

I will post updates on how the filming is going on my twitter feed, along with photos. It is such a pleasure to work with students who want to develop their experience further, not just in the media field but also in working alongside SEN children and their families…after all, the likelihood is that these students will one day be working adults and will have colleagues at some point with additional needs.


Callum has already experience in the radio industry, having worked voluntarily on air for Abbey 104. The radio station, based in Sherborne, was incredibly proactive with HNT in 2015 when broadcaster Jenny Devitt accompanied me in the support car on my 7 days of marathons, doing daily radio interviews with me and being generally a HUGE support! Her interviews can be found on the website…