A New Year begins

So…today is the NEW financial year for HNT and the plans for fundraising events and another run are well under way! As new events are added to the website  DIARY, I will let you know.

Shortly after I founded HNT in 2015, I approached our local County Councillor Mike Bevan and asked him to look at issues surrounding the financing of the Opportunity Groups [Special Educational Needs preschools]. This he did, and thankfully managed to overturn £17,000 of cuts to one of the groups. This meant that the group could survive for another year!

Since 2015, HNT has also managed to raise for the OPPORTUNITY GROUPS nearly £20,000 with Somerset Community Foundation’s support.

This coming year, I hope to raise even more funds as charitable giving is the only way autism-picthat these specialist groups will survive…and they are vital to both children and the families struggling to cope with SEN.

PLEASE help me to do this by supporting HNT events , fundraising yourselves and setting up your own Just Giving page, and sponsoring my 2017 run. The new 2017 LEAFLETS will soon be here with all the information you need, so please get in touch via the contact form if you would like me to send a batch to you.