July 8th 2016


This blog is divided up into 2 sections…

What is happening at the moment post run.

The results from the fundraise and 2015 run in terms of where the money has gone and what it has been used for.

Plans for 2016/7 HNT year…will be blogged later tonight!!!

So…having completed the 26 marathons I was in having an assessment 2 days later…full check to ensure I was ok. Nothing to worry about…only 5 lbs lost and some body fat, otherwise all ready to go again in the studio with Simon from SPfit. His regime had certainly worked…LOTS of strength training rather than huge mileage in preparation for the run; LOADS of stretching pre and post run days, and PLENTY of encouragement! Thank you Simon…I would never have survived the 26 days without your help!

The plan now is to taper off gently but to remain flexible, strong and motivated over the summer…then another assessment early in September when the new challenges will be looked at and the training regime set in place.

I ran a 10K last Thursday…3 days post run…oh my word! If I had not been watching the tennis on the screen in front of me, I would have given up…it goes to show that if you set your mind to run, even if really tired and on day 26 of 26 marathons, you will do it; but if there is no need to carry on…motivation slips and you can give up so easily!!

Another 3 days off to get over a chesty cold, and then back to SPfit studio and personal training today with Simon. REALLY need some one to one sessions to get back into the studio and regain strength…so again, thank you Simon for making me laugh when it hurts and giving the right input just at the right times so that my drive does not slip.

As for my diet…well, that never changed during the run except that I ate like a horse! Need to cut down on the cake now tho otherwise I will never do the challenges set for 2017!!

Knees and neck…well; nothing too serious; just inevitable repercussions from previous injuries and neck break last year. All settled down now…the key is to strengthen areas as much as possible over the following few months. The run certainly has not had a negative impact on anything thankfully!

LAST YEAR 7 marathons in 7 days…and the start of HNT. I was going to fundraise for just 1 year for the preschool groups, but the response was enormous from parents all over the UK and beyond. They felt it was something that should be built upon in future years and the figures said it all too…

Within the initial 3 months, I had seen a local county councillor about HNT just asking for his support. I asked if he would visit Dorchester Opportunity  Group and see their financial difficulties and why I was fundraising.

This he did, and literally within a few hours of seeing how desperate the group was in terms of funding and supporting the children and their families,  he had been to speak to Children’s Services and had OVERTURNED £17,000 of cuts that was about to happen to that group! WOW!!! That was all because I waved a leaflet about my newly set up Trust at him!

The Fundraising…well, £10,000 is about to be given to the 4 Opportunity Groups any time now from last years run. Somerset Community Foundation took on my accounts last year and are also able to match-fund monies going to Somerset SEN groups. They will continue to be dealing with the finances, the next financial year for HNT being from September 30th. I also have Charity status through them…see their charity number on the leaflets and website!

I also had about £3,000 from the fundraising going towards expenses…initial outlay for t-shirts, banners, leaflets, and advertising. HOWEVER…these resources are all recyclable and so the expense was not needed this year!

SO…2015 brought in at least £30,000 if you include the cuts that were overturned…HUGE thank you to all involved!

Pete Edwards also became really the other 1/2 of HNT from July last year, taking on the website, designing the leaflets, helping me at events, promoting HNT and basically just being there on a daily basis. HNT would not be still going if it was not for his amazing drive and input; ensuring that my vision for a better deal for the SEN kids and their families actually happens. SO…THANK YOU!!!

INTO 2016…

The plans for the 26 back:back marathons had been set in stone back in September 2015. ALL I had to do was to “wing it” somehow!!!

The reason…so that HNT could be seen all over the SW region, spreading the word about what it was about and engaging others to help fundraise. I also wanted everyone to think more about what SEN is about…spreading awareness about how to access information and therefore ensuring people had better tools when it came to communicating with those with SEN.

I was really thrilled when others came on board and promoted HNT and also did mad things to help raise money for HNT…if you see my Just Giving Page on the website you can see some of the fundraisers, but schools, individuals, runners, MPs, children, churches, and more all helped in whatever way they could.

Businesses sponsored individual run days, had buckets in their shops, and one is even giving 10% of their profits to HNT over their financial year. Carnival committees invited me to collect during processions for HNT, the Rotary Club that I belong to…along with Mayors and Town Criers have all been so supportive, and locals in the community have donated into the HNT pots, fed me on my run days, and ensured that the word of HNT was spread.

I was donated my GPS tracker, thanks GPS Tracker Shop…which logged every movement and mileage during each day on the computer screen which was checked every few moments down in Southampton or on his various gadgets by Pete…driving the support car. It certainly worked as when I pressed the alarm accidently on day 1, Glenn from Jurassic Auction House who had also been watching the tracker immediately rang to see what was going on…Thank you to both for being so “on the ball!”

My kit was donated by Running Free, Whey porridge by Give it Some OOmf, and go pro by Jurassic Auction House.

I cannot also thank Dave from Diamond Images enough for his input…he spent hours out of his own time coming up from Poole and taking amazing photos…we will put them in a gallery for all to see in the near future. AND, like Pete and I…Dave takes no wage or even expenses from HNT so HUGE thanks!!

FROM AN AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ANGLE…this year has been amazing. Schools and businesses have asked me to visit in the near future and talk about HNT, why I started it and what the SEN children across the counties and their families need in the future.

AS FOR THE MONIES RAISED…I will only know once accounts are in at the end of September. The 4 Opp Gps will be applying for this money and then will use it for very specific resources that the SEN children can use. MORE on what it has been used for will be posted later once they know just how much money is coming their way!

I am hoping to have raised MORE than in 2015, but for that to happen ….


PLEASE carry on spreading the word, direct folk to the website and continue to donate. There are lots of ways to do this and of course there is still time to do a fundraising event however small!

Son William, just 13, has completed nearly 35 miles with me on my runs and has his own Just Giving Page…he is ONLY a few pounds away from his target so PLEASE make his day and donate via his page!! It would make him feel so good!

PLANS for 2016/17…

THESE WILL BE BLOGGED LATER TONIGHT FOR ALL To SEE, so do watch the website and twitter feeds. It will be an exciting year involving the children themselves, schools, businesses, local communities, sports men and women, and HOPEFULLY some faces that MANY of you will recognize!

REMEMBER…in the 2016/17 year if you work with SEN children and their families in Dorset and Somerset, you can apply to myself/HNT for funds from the years campaign!

Visit http://www.hiddenneedstrust.org for contact details, see what’s happening and see how you could help Hidden Needs Trust and children with Special Educational Needs