July 4th 2016

Day 25 of the run

Day sponsored by Dimond Images…who ALL of the SW knows and who has been so supportive! MOST of the images you will see on the 2016 run picture gallery [put on the website later this month] are his!!!

Support driver and photographer today was Dave accompanied by his fiancé Donna…huge thank you to both!

Pete as usual was at the end watching the computerised tracker readings, which amazingly show everything from mileage, where I am, miles per hour, and more. Again, huge thanks to you, P!

From The Wishing Well, Upwey…up around the villages and on towards Maiden Castle and then to Dorchester Opportunity Group to meet the children, staff, trustees, and Mayor!

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AND…this is what it is all about…seeing the children and getting a greater understanding of what they need in terms of preschool interventions. The Opportunity Groups are absolutely vital to the lives of these children and their families…HNT aims to support them to help the children reach their full potential.

It also gives me an idea of where the funds that the Opportunity Groups receive go, how much more funding is required, and where this extra funding would be used…in the short and long term.

The children were so enthusiastic…they had made a wonderful banner and flags, and were very keen to chat…trying on my glasses, getting me to hoola hoop with the Mayoress, and being even more interested in having their photos taken by Dave. One little boy, as soon as the camera appeared, automatically cried out…”cheese” and gave a big grin!!

The photos in the gallery, once published later in the month, will show just how lovely these children are and show that, despite their disabilities [ some of which are obvious; many of which are “hidden”] they all can achieve!  We all can play a part in ensuring that this happens by donating and learning what SEN is about so that we can support them in the future.

Onwards after lunch towards Bincombe, Broadway, Nottington, Buckland Ripers, and then back to the Wishing Well. The tracker stated 25.1 miles at the end of the run today….Dave nearly threw me out of the car coming home when he heard to complete the last 0.9 mile! AND…so Dave of Diamond Images…rather than be accused of not completing the full 26.4 miles of a marathon today…I have now done so in Sherborne!!!!!!

In Sherborne, little voices and excited girls from Leweston appeared again…thank you girls for the encouragement and natter! They had been a part of the group running down the drive when I set off on DAY 13 of the run from their school. It is lovely to see such confident children just automatically coming and starting a conversation about how HNT is going etc. Confidence is something that many children with SEN lack sadly…HNT help is not just about helping them with education but also about them feeling positive within.

SO…another 26 .4 miles conquered today…tomorrow the very last marathon. On the website it states that I am starting at 10.30 from Cerne Abbas and covering 17.5 miles. WELL…this has changed and I will be covering a further 9 miles in the morning at least prior to breakfast at The Abbotts Tearoom in Cerne!!!

This will mean a total mileage over the 26 days of nearing 700…come to the end of the run at 2pm, top Cheap St tomorrow and join in the fun, donate, and see ACTUAL breakdown of daily mileage and total for yourselves!