July 3rd 2016

Day 24 of the run

Day sponsored by The Cricketers, Shroton

Another early start with the 2 youngest children in tow and Pete driving the support vehicle. I was so glad as I awoke to inflamed glands, a sore throat, and generally feeling full of cold. I think a mixture of a summer cold and tiredness is paying its toll now and I am so looking forwards to a day without having the pressure of a marathon and fitting it around normal home life.

So…Hambledon Hill, followed straight on to Hod Hill…which were pretty tough but the sun was out!!! As per usual, I decided to clamber up the steep unmarked path to get the best views from Hambledon, avoiding the official gates and tracks. At the top there were cows plus young calves, and so not running I made my way through carefully, florescent jacket in hand not wanting to scare them.

AND, thank goodness I did as when I reached the far side and gates a large poster displayed…BEWARE; BULL IN FIELD!

Not wanting to chance an encounter with the bull, I quickly ensured my return route would avoid the beast…but this probably would mean a bit of a detour.

As Diamond Images and partner said later…”You would have run really fast tho wouldn’t you!” …thanks you two!!

On to Child Okeford for a quick drink, then on towards Sutton Waldron and Fontmell Magna.. A lunch stop was needed so the finding of the village pub was a relief. [The FONTMELL] As the support car parked, the manager of the pub started to be interested in the logos …leaflets were given and after a long chat about his son with Downs Syndrome, he was enthusiastic to take a mound of leaflets to the 2 schools his children went to…Yewstock School and Clayesmore School.. With his help I am sure that I could help them fundraise for HNT, and maybe deliver assemblies and workshops in the autumn term. A really good day therefore today re spreading the word about HNT and finding 2 other schools with different ideas on how to educate SEN kids.

The pub itself is gorgeous…modern and olde worlde combined, the food is superb and a wonderful menu. A must to go back to for more than just soup!

On to the second 1/2 of the day…retracing my steps but this time avoiding the bull at the top of Hambledon.

A HUGE thank you to The Cricketers who not only took the leaflets but put them out on each table, displayed the poster for the day, and then have said that they will donate a meal for 4 [before 25th September] into an HNT auction…so let me know your bids by the end of August!!!

A good day despite my not being on top form…hoping to feel a little better tomorrow when I will be in Dorchester. Do see the run route for DAY 25…the penultimate day…for details and come and join me on the route.