July 2nd 2016

Day 23 of the run

Day sponsored by Keith Foy and Spfit-Sherborne

I arrived at the studio dreading today…day 23 and I was due to run with SPFit’s running club who were all good runners and of course fresh, unlike me who is not an endurance runner and tired!

I was plastering my feet up ready and felt emotionally and mentally exhausted, almost in tears at the thought of the run, and facing one of the fastest runners of the group! Oh dear…how to look stupid rather quickly!! BUT, kind words from Simon of SPFit, and stern words from Diamond Images who had come along to take more superb photos had a positive effect! Of course I would complete today…physically I was running in autopilot even if mentally I felt a bit down. My legs would do the work even if negativity had set in…after all, that was what all the months of training was there for!

Tony, the runner with me at the start was also aware that my pace had to be THE pace…and in fact it was son William aged 13 who set the pace in the end. We covered the first 10 miles within 90 mins, with a short drinks break at The Crown Inn, Sherborne. I then set off for the next 10 miles with 3 more of the running club in tow…again making good time in about 90 mins.

This time I stopped for lunch…courtesy of The Crown Inn…delicious…before heading down to SPFit studio to meet the great Matt Miller. He founded Broga, trained my Personal Trainer to put us all through our paces on a Wednesday eve, and is an international bodybuilder! What a lovely man…photos of him and I and William will be on the photo gallery at the end of the run, plus photos of him putting the spfit clients through the gruelling Broga session this afternoon! My third few miles of 8 seemed a lot easier than staying for the Broga…this type of strength yoga is a must for anyone; it has certainly been the hardest part of my training to date!

SO…another 27.5 miles completed…and a lovely day with so much support. Dave and I talked through plans for HNT in 2016/7 over coffee and cakes!!!! before taking my younger boys to Simon’s house for a fantastic BBQ! What a way to celebrate Day 23 of my run…with the man who has been the focus of my training and his lovely wife [and whose studio is celebrating a year of opening!!!], with other SPFit clients who have supported HNT from the start and been fundraising off their own backs, and with the brilliant Diamond Images who has taken on HNT as official photographer. And of course…running again with son Will, who has now racked up nearly 40  miles of running with me!

Thank you all so much…HNT would not be the same without you all…


3 more days and it is over…already 620 miles on the clock!!