July 1st 2016

Day 22 of the run

Day sponsored by Glencairn House, Sherborne

I cannot believe that it is now July and that I set out on this challenge 3 whole weeks ago! So…only 4 days to go!!

I started at Gillingham Station today…and had a lovely send off! The Mayor of Gillingham was there, causing much interest from the Gillingham Primary School children who had joined us. The group of children all had SEN and in particular struggled with speech and language to some degree…just up my street as a Somerset Total Communications Coordinator!

They were such a wonderful group, laughing and joining in the fun, being really interested in myself, Pete who of course had the support car and banner, and the Mayors Chain! They gave me plenty if hugs, have been fundraising with their families and are keen for me to visit the school before the end of term.

ABSOLUTELY…this is just what I would like to do more of; taking assemblies and talking about HNT, why I started it and what it is all about; working with the children and schools so that the children learn more about SEN and therefore have a better understanding about others and ways to communicate with others; working with the children, parents, carers and teachers to find ways of fundraising all together for HNT and determining ways that HNT may be able to help them in the future.

It is vitally important that this next generation of students not only reach their maximum potentials, but also are able to help others less able than themselves to do the same.

Who knows…one day I may just be talking to a child that in the future decides to go into politics and can carry through into that career the motivation to make some positive changes for SEN children!

Back to the run…after a great cheer from the children off I went…to the car for coffee whilst the rain disappeared!

Really hard today to get motivated…everything seemed to hurt and in fact I have slightly pulled a hamstring which is now sore and tender. A bit of a blow at this late stage but I think that after 21 days my whole body is just almost going into shut down…all my joints seem especially tired and now I am looking forwards to Tuesday when I do the final marathon. BUT…onwards and upwards…I still have 4 more days to go after this and these days will be tough ones.

I was chased by big black clouds most of the way back to Sherborne, and in fact got caught several times in the rain, but did survive most of the heavy downpours. Glencairn House gave me a lovely welcome on my return…and the osteopath was even at hand later on if I had needed a tweak or two. Would have loved him to check out my hamstring and back alignment but sadly no time as my Springer needed one final check at the vet! So…a quick sip of water, and then into the car to collect Diddy and off to the surgery again.

HUGE thanks Pete for driving the car again, finding me when I got lost…somewhere between Templecombe and Henstridge!!…tracking every step on the GPS tracker, transporting me to the vets and back at the end of the day, and who is now in Southampton working on the total mileage/mph and other details for the day on the computer from the tracker readings. He does all the technical stuff…I just do the running bit!

Tomorrow…what an exciting day it will be…day 23, some of SPfit Sherborne will be running parts of the marathon with me [as will my 13 year old William!], it is SPfit Sherborne first anniversary and so the amazing Matt Miller [internationally renown Brogan founder and  expert and international bodybuilder] is coming at 2pm to take a brogan session with us all, and then some sort of fun in the SUN!!!! with SPfit to celebrate Simon’s success.

DO look out for us running in loops around Sherborne…donate at The Crown Inn where there will be refreshments all day, come and see Broga at its best at the SPfit studio, and come and make me laugh as I will need cheering up if my hamstring is still this sore! Details of tomorrows run can be seen under the run route under DAY 23!